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Next-gen blockchain ad

MetaTrace is set to launch a game for mass crypto adoption, targeting the next billion users.

Using next-gen blockchain ads, we strive to boost crypto companies and expand the digital currency horizon.


Based on smart contracts

Each ads campaign is initiated on a smart contract bridging Users and crypto brands together.

  • Brands

    Setting up
    a campaign

  • Users


  • Paying $TRC
    ads budget

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    Ads budget allocation

  • Getting
    $TRC rewards

  • Discovering
    crypto brands

  • stars

    Start using brand products

Ads budget allocation

  • 50% User’s rewards
  • 40% Advertising launch costs
  • 10%Burn
  • Transparent Advertising System

    Discover transparent ad interactions with Trace Ads. Using blockchain and smart contracts, we ensure visibility and distribute 50% of ad costs as rewards. Drive genuine engagement with accurate data.

  • Vast Crypto Audience

    Easy connect your product with MetaTrace' vibrant crypto community. Ensure your campaigns hit the mark with those interested of the WEB3 world.

  • Extensive Geo-coverage

    Go beyond borders. With Trace Ads, your campaigns can reach audiences from all corners of the globe. Customize, target, test and impress users from various regions for truly global outreach.


Affordable Tools
for Maximum Engagement

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    Push Notifications:

    Dive into the immediacy of push notifications. Grab attention instantly, re-engage dormant users, and keep your audience updated. Tailored and timely, for optimum results.

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    Trace Quests:

    Introducing 'Trace Quest' – a gamified experience for your users. Create interactive quests, reward participation, and increase brand loyalty like never before.

50% of the Ad cost as rewards to active participants, fostering genuine engagement!

Flexible Solutions for Everyone

We maintain a strict selection process for advertisers, ensuring we steer clear of realms which is blacklisted (like porn, scams, gambling, and ponzi schemes)

Ready to Launch Your Campaign to New Heights?

Don’t just follow trends. Set them with Trace Ads.

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  • 217%
    Increase in ROAS
  • +38kNew subscribers
  • 573%
    Conversion growth