MetaTrace towns

Buy MetaTrace Town

Earn ACE tokens as a Townlord from other players’ activities in your Town.

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What is MetaTrace Town?

The MetaTrace Town NFT collection is a series of digital cities tied to the game. Each town corresponds to a real-world city and has been divided into 10-30 NFTs.

Purchasing a Town NFT will make you a Townlord, allowing you to earn 1% on all income generated by player activity in that town.

The more NFTs of one Town you own, the higher your potential earnings.

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Purchase your NFT Town in just three steps:

  • 1

    Register and Fund Your Trace Wallet:

    Start by creating and adding funds to your Trace Wallet.

  • 2

    Select Your NFT Town:

    Browse and choose the NFT Town that resonates with you.

  • 3

    Purchase NFT Town Tokens:

    Finalize your purchase of NFT Town tokens and start earning from player activities in your town.